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Sinner - Touch of Sin 2This feels like a new chapter of optimism and hope as the band Sinner enjoy a moment of re-establishment.  Mat Sinner formed this band back in 1982, and as vocalist and bassist he had this to say about Touch of Sin 2, “When we were younger and new to the music business, we were proud to be part of the Noise Records family and to get the chance to sign a contract with them.  Reading this contract so many years later, you can’t but shake your head in disbelief and wonder what must have possessed us.”  The main man continues, “Today, the older Sinner songs still enjoy great popularity within the scene.  We continue to play them live, even though the CDs aren’t available any longer.  It is Universal who owns the albums at the moment – but does not distribute the CDs.”

With the early albums unavailable and the masters in some cases allegedly burned in an accidental fire or wiped completely, it seemed right to rectify the situation by re-recording some of the highlights from the back catalogue and include three brand new tracks.

With Touch of Sin 2 you get 14 songs in total, guided by the hard rock instincts that shaped such albums as Danger Zone, Touch of Sin and Wild’n’Evil.  Naturally this result is a sharper focus on the identity, style and direction which has come with maturity and experience.  For those who are familiar with the re-recorded eleven songs, what must they expect from the three brand new songs?

Don’t Believe a Word is a melodic and instantly accessible rocker, not a relation to the Thin Lizzy classic.  The same melodic, punchy flavor is added to Blood on the Sand, which carries a hook-filled chorus to boot, whilst final track Heat of the City surfs on the back of a foot-to-the-floor guitar riff!

This is a solid hard rock collection with sing-a-long choruses and riffs aplenty.  You cannot go wrong with Touch of Sin 2 if you want to wrap your ears around 49 minutes of straight forward melodic hard rock music.

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