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Swedish heavy metal merchants Sister Sin deliver their third proper studio album Now And Forever with a real sense of confidence, as they realize their identity and direction.  It’s a popular misconception that this album is their fourth, but in actual fact the first release called Dance of the Wicked was a selection of demos, and therefore isn’t considered a proper album by the band.

In 2011, they released a stand-alone single collaborating with the mighty German lead vocalist and openly devoted soul to all things heavy metal, Doro Pesch.  The cover of the Motörhead classic Rock ‘n’ Roll made an impact for its blatant statement of intent.  The continuity from that moment to this new album is evident for all to bear witness.

This is heavy metal at the core.  Expletives, anthems and a real attitude ride the wave until you reach the final track Morning After.  This song is a departure for the band as they enter into ballad territory.  No need for fear on embarking in such a direction, as this cover version of a Randy Piper’s Animal track really does work well.

Naturally we get the rockers too.  Crank it up with End of the Line, then punch your fist in the air to Hang ‘Em High, before ripping the leather jacket from your person and banging your head to Fight Song.  If you’re a fan of the punchy heavy metal that bands like Saxon and Warlock produce, you’re in good company here.  Now And Forever is a solid heavy metal album showing off the denim and leather and studs in a shameless manner.  Sister Sin are the real deal who are not bothered about musical trends; they want to tour with the best of ’em, bringing straightforward riffs with in-your-face lyrics.  As Sister Sin would say, they’re In It For Life.

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