Skid Row LIVE – The Forum, Rome, GA October 20, 2012

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Who doesn’t want to rock with SKID?  Can you get any more American than with the heavy metal rock of these guys?   Bounding onto the stage after a prerecorded National Anthem, Skid Row blasted into Big Guns, with a masterful sound from seasoned guitarists Dave “The Snake” Sabo, Scotti Hill and Rachel Bolan on Bass.  A deep kick-ass beat from Rob Hammersmith on drums and spot on vocals by Johnny Solinger, launched the Forum in Rome, Georgia, on a beautiful clean and crisp Saturday night, into another dimension as the first song of their set rang through the evening air.

Frontman Solinger, looked the part as he was decked out in a t-shirt with Jack Nicholson’s face from the movie, The Shining, revealing the infamous axe scene, “Here’s Johnny.”  Solinger commanded the audiences’ attention with little effort as he made his advent onto the stage very appropriate for the wild man, along with his vocals and stage presence, demanding the audiences’ roar to life.  Each song seemed to bring a fevered pitch between the men on stage and the fans creating an energy frenzy as Hill’s amazing antics and head twirls gave head-bangers a run for their money.   Going straight into Piece of Me and Thick Is The Skin, the force of their sound never stopped.   Hammersmith, a former Atlanta, Georgia resident, was given his moment to showcase his talents in a small jam during Monkey Business.

With a 16 song set list, tunes from every Skid Row album were represented with the exception of the album, 40 Seasons.  Solinger and the band oozed pure solid rock; showing that no matter what or where life has taken these guys, they made their bones years ago in the trenches leaving their mark in the annals of rock n’ roll.  There wasn’t a moment anyone could say these men were washed up has-beens; as Bolan and Sabo still have the  fire and passion they hit the streets with when Skid Row was in its infancy as a band.  That natural spark of raw force reflected onto the rest of the group, as they all seemed to enjoy themselves on stage and why not?  Everyone loves to go home; it’s where you’re most comfortable.   Closing out the night with 18 & Life and Youth Gone Wild, Skid Row brought the house down.

So you say they’re middle-aged rockers?  So you say we’re middle-aged fans?  Who cares?!  …We stand and we won’t fall; we’re the one and the one for all.  The writing’s on the wall.  WE ARE THE YOUTH GONE WILD!

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