SLASH feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators Las Vegas House of Blues

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falls across The House of Blues in at Mandalay Bay.  The eerie intro increases the anticipation of the crowd.  Lights flash, guitar chords strike, drumsticks click and the spotlight hits bright on Slash.  Unmistakably dressed in his top hat, sleeveless 666 smiley face shirt, black leather pants and bandanna in the rear pocket, it’s clear: Slash is in the house.

bvThe night features a twenty-three song set list which powers over two full hours of entertainment.  Slash featuring and The Conspirators finish the Apocalyptic Love for a rowdy Vegas crowd.  Arriving two hours before the show, fans are eager to get inside for the front floor position.   As soon as the gates open, the crowd literally stampedes into the venue and security yells for them to stop running; it was a bit surreal to see the energy of the fans.

With the energy from a hometown crowd as Todd Kerns, Frank Sidoris and all reside in Las Vegas, Kennedy belts out the vocals, starting the night with Halo, and his voice has never been better.  Kerns and Sidoris bound around in a of guitars and hair flips.  Fitz pounds the drums as the driving force behind the band.

DSC_360n2Kerns and Sidoris respectfully give way to Slash by retreating stage left or right as he plays an opening guitar riff for a song or a mid-tune solo.  Kennedy slides back to Fitz’s drum riser for Slash to be the center of his stage.  The songs of the night spanned Slash’s entire musical career with tunes from the Guns N Roses days, and new creations with his current line up.  Mean Bone, Night Train, Ghost, Standing In The Sun, Back From Cali, Civil War, Bad Rain, Let It Roll, Serial Killer and We Will Roam follow Halo for hour of the show.   hour into the night Slash comes center stage to introduce of Vegas’ own,  and Kerns takes the spotlight to shine his vocal abilities with ease on Dr. Alibi and Welcome to the Jungle.  The crowd goes wild.

DSC_3240bKennedy returns to vocals and Rocket Queen begins.  During what is normally the bridge of the song, Slash offers a 12 minute solo with the mastery and adroitness like none other.  No More follows, and then a slow down with Starlight as the crowd roars with delight.  Current airplay song Anastasia features a four-minute mini guitar jam that turns into guitarmageddon as Kennedy joins Kerns, Sidoris and Slash in the session.  The night rounds out with You’re a Lie, Sweet Child O’ Mine and Slither.

DSC_4093bThe House of Blues becomes dark once again and the crowd screams with a fierceness awaiting the return for the encore.  The band enters with a of The Immigrant Song  by Led Zeppelin. Slash takes center stage to end the night with the infamous guitar prelude into .  The audience sings along as Kennedy has them return the chorus and the night is done.  Fitz steps down from his drums and joins Kerns, Sidoris, Kennedy and Slash arm in arm, as they give a thank you to the fans and a bow for the night. Confetti shoots from cannons as the crowd relinquishes even more noise in approval for an unbelievable night of RnFnR.

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