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Isn’t it annoying when you’re walking down the street and a song for no apparent reason enters your mind?  Perhaps that isn’t the worse part, maybe it’s the fact the song won’t leave you alone!  Such a thing could happen to you once you’ve heard Live To Love Another Day a couple of times.  It’s the second song from Smash Mouth’s sixth studio opus titled Magic.  When the world around you frustrates you to the point of seeking out refuge in something of a positive nature, this new album could be a place to find.  Opening number Perfect Planet delivers the sort of lyric that reminds us that we’re alive and there are many things yet to discover on this planet, even if we feel lost.  The third and sixth track on Magic feature a special appearance from J. Dash, the up and coming hip-hop and rap artist while Out Of Love and Better With Time offer up the softer side of the band, and then you get pop flavors on show when you hear She’s Into Me.

The album that launched Smash Mouth into the commercial heights of success and mainstream glory during 1999 called Astro Lounge, is the obvious place for comparisons when reflecting on Magic.  You want to know if this latest album is going to live up to the ‘magic’ of it’s popular predecessor.  Well for starters, there were more songs on that previous release plus more songs with rock music tendencies running through their proverbial veins.  Despite this album wearing a cheeky optimistic smile and serving up some quality, you feel embarrassed listening to a song called Justin Bieber!  If Smash Mouth were hoping to make an album to play during the Summer, then they’ve succeeded.  It leaves us with the question of what we’ll be playing for the other three seasons of the year.

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