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Smile Empty Soul - ShapeshifterLos Angeles’ is back! It’s hard to believe that their hit Bottom of A Bottle came out all the way back in 2003! Realizations like that sure can make a person feel old! Since then, they have released five more full length albums, and April of 2016 brings a six song EP, Shapeshifter. Three of the songs are brand new and the other three are re-recordings of their hits from their self-titled album: Nowhere Kids, Silhouettes, and Bottom of A Bottle. The EP is also accompanied by a DVD featuring a music video and behind-the scenes footage.

Apparently due to issues with a label, the debut album has been unavailable for years, so the band decided to find a way to get some of that music back out on the market for their loyal fans.

The three new songs are All In My Head, Running Out of Something, and Just One Place. While Sean Danielsen (vocals, guitar), Ryan Martin (bass), and Jake Kimer (drums) maintain the signature sound that defined them years ago, they manage to merge into the current soundscape seamlessly. Danielsen’s vocals are as strong as ever and the fullness of the sound is a testament to what this three-piece band can pull off.

The only complaint could be that there are only six songs, and yes, only three are new. Hopefully this is the precursor to a full length album on the way soon. The band is already on the road, so we may have to wait a little longer, but this band deserves a break after the problems they have had with labels in the past. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new day for .

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