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SOiL - WholeMetal fans are thrashing their heads for American metal band ’s new album.  Whole, released last month, welcomes original front man Ryan McCombs back to the fold and marks their first album recorded with three of the founding members.  Other original band mates include Adam Zadel/guitar and Tim King/bass, two members who have been with the band since their formation in Chicago, Illinois in 1997.

Having five studio albums under their black leather jackets, Whole will be their sixth, and the most welcomed since 2004’s Redefine. The eleven track album holds Loaded Gun, The Hate Song, Ugly, Way Gone, Psychopath, Shine On, Wake Up, Almagamation, My Time, Little Liar and One Love.  Opening with power and aggression, Loaded Gun shakes the walls.  Immense riffs and massive vocals will prove they are back and are intent on leaving nothing behind.  Next up is The Hate Song, a kick ass–or maybe a kiss my ass attitude, which will have hardcore fans and new fans alike in a frenzy of metaldom.  Zadel serves up some mastering guitar work as King gives the guttural bass that can be felt in your throat.  Drum works are courtesy of Will Hunt/Black Label Society and Evanesence. Hunt brings his powerful thrusting talent to the album and creates percussion perfection.  Wake Up features a small solo from Mike Mishok, guitarist from Staind.  McCombs’ vocals are strong and unyielding, which is what fans have been craving.  All tracks bring something new to the album with a different vibe from each one.  Pick scrapes, repeated riffs, commanding drums, skillful guitars and effectual vocals are the toughness to this album.  Shine On is the first single to be released and has given fans a great tease with over 75,000 views on YouTube.  Rounding out the album, One Love begins acoustically, and a softer side of McCombs’ vocals highlights the richness in his voice.  Don’t let the softness fool you, however: This album ends with even more force than it began.  Whole is a solid, in-your-face-with-attitude album.  is back!  “We will not go away, we will not fade away”. Might that be a hint of foretelling on their part?

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