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In the beginning, the members of Something Unto Nothing (S.U.N.) agreed that in order to write the best, trend-free music they could, they needed to get away.  So, in the mountains of Canyon Country, they found an old, deserted shack.  They got supplies to last them two weeks, and set out to write a complete album.  The result was Something Unto Nothing’s recently released self-titled debut album, S.U.N.

The band is what you might refer to as a super group, with each member having been a part of several other bands that any music fan would know.  Both guitarist Brian Tichy and bassist Michael Devin have played with Whitesnake (Tichy actually played drums), along with many other notables.  Drummer Tommy Stewart has played with Godsmack and Fuel, and vocalist Sass Jordan is a multi-platinum selling Canadian artist and Juno Award winner.

Jordan’s gritty, intense vocal stylings are featured prominently on this album, with several short a capella sections on Burned.  The tracks contain a fusion of blues and rock, which is a natural fit for Jordan’s voice and Tichy’s high energy guitar playing.  Michael Devin’s bass playing is tight and in control, and adds to the intensity of Stewart’s drums.

Staying within in the blues-rock genre, these 13 tracks include rock boogie (No Way Home) and guitar harmonies that are reminiscent of many southern rock songs of the 1970’s,  yet with modern drop-tunings and heavy-duty overdrive and distortion.  The musicians are absolutely more skilled than the average blues-rock band and the bass and guitar shine the brightest when they are playing single-note scale lines together an octave apart.  The most surprising track is the title track S.U.N., a seven-minute number full of vocal harmonies that may or may not be difficult to re-create in a live setting.  I’m the One is the current single that is buzzing now nationwide.

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