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Starkill - Fires of LifeParker Jameson is the lead guitarist and vocalist, plus keyboardist and orchestrated programmer for .  If this wasn’t sufficient, he also undertakes production duties on Fires of Life.  This full length debut album also credits James Murphy (former guitarist in respected bands Testament and Death) with mastering responsibilities.  They have both succeeded in giving Fires of Life a good sound which complements the melodic death metal exhibited here.

With touring due to commence in May of this year through parts of the U.S. and Canada in support to bands like 3 Inches of Blood, Hypocrisy, and Arsis, you can already imagine the palette on which this band paints.

The ingredients all look solid for Fires of Life.  You press play and the songs hit you right between the ears.  Whispers of Heresy followed by the title track, and then the brutal Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire with Below the Darkest Depths hot on its heels, all deliver.  Solid riffs, gritty and growling vocals along with subtle orchestration to inject melodic undertones all assist in collating the atmosphere and presence.

Lyrically, are consumed by medieval fantasy-themed battles, mythology, and destruction.  Within this environment the approach works well and will please fans of this area of the metal scene.  Song titles like Wash Away the Blood with Rain and This Is Our Battle, This Is Our Day reiterate these lyrical insights.

Each song kicks in with furious intent except for the very first track Whispers of Heresy with its keyboard introduction and the final epic song Wash Away the Blood with Rain which creeps into earshot by presenting us with a thunderstorm.  Listen out for the melodic breakdown later in this song, a revelation in and amongst the maelstrom.

It’s going to be interesting watching this band progress up the ranks in the death metal fraternity, just remember where you heard it first.

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