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stars-in-stereo-album-coverThese L.A. based rockers have delivered a very strong self-titled debut album.  Fans of Flyleaf, Halestorm, Paramore and the many other bands striving for mainstream success within this style will be getting dizzy as could be their next favorite in such a busy environment.  Opening the album with The Broken provides the listener with a band delivering a strong hook and a confident performance.  There is also a complimentary music video for this song which has seen over 44,000 views on YouTube.

openly state their ambition to be the female-fronted Thirty Seconds to Mars, but can they back up this claim?  Production on their self-titled debut helps songs like Every Last Thing, Red Eyed Romance and Lie Down to blossom.  The funniest thing is you forget this album is their first foray.  Such is the vast polished sound and the familiarity of the song writing.

Joining vocalist Bec Hollcraft are Jordan McGraw on lead guitar; bassist Justin Siegel; Frogs McCormick playing rhythm guitar and Drew Langan on drums.  This quintet really shines on songs like Dealing Secrets and At the Stroke of Midnight, mixing a little studio trickery liberally throughout .

On the copy of this album they included an alternative version of Every Last Thing which was perhaps unnecessary.  That sort of afterthought would have been more appropriate as an added incentive for a single.  A minor quibble considering the remaining ten original tracks are all strong contenders for adoration from potential fans.  Violence, All Together and Queen of Catastrophe are all fine examples which assist the relentless flow of quality on exhibition here.

Considering the band was formed in 2011, one can only speculate whether this is too much too soon, or whether it will catapult them into the higher reaches of commercial stardom.

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