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Ohio-bred band State Your Cause is brothers James (vocals) and John Scott (guitar), Chase DeBartolomeis (bass), Deepan Rajah (guitar) and Matt Young (drums). The band self-released their first album, Escape Rebellion Promise, in 2010. The new album, Steal The Stars, was digitally released through New Ocean Media and contains six of the songs from their first album, with three new songs. Producers Ben Schigel (Chimaira, Drowning Pool, Switched), Brett Hestla (Creed, Dark New Day, Framing Hanley, Tantric) and Kenneth Nixon (of Framing Hanley), contributed to the album.

State Your Cause’s sound is possibly best described as a bit atmospheric and experimental, combining lots of different sounds with passion-filled vocals, all characteristics introduced into the music scene by bands like 30 Seconds to Mars.

The upside of the album: Every song is consistent. Softer vocals smoothly transition into intense screaming vocals. Great sound depth is evident in each song, and you won’t be disappointed by the amount of guitar riffs and drums they seamlessly incorporate.

The downside of the album: Every song is consistent. Its consistency could also be considered its downfall. Each song has similar sounds, with rather similar-themed lyrics about overcoming the battles of life. Lyrics are missing some rawness, almost sounding like Scott isn’t quite genuine enough. The one exception is heard in Bring You Back, a song about the Scott brothers watching their mother’s battle with depression and bipolar disorder. The lyrics “find a way to live” and “it’s not a fix for pills or razor blades,” describe how the boys felt growing up watching their mom struggle. But other tracks on Steal The Stars don’t seem to show as much real emotion. Life experience doesn’t appear to translate as well into many of the other songs.

Those who really love this type of music may actually appreciate its autopilot sound, but those yearning for a bit more spontaneity, variety, and rawness, might lose interest in listening to the album from beginning to end.

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