STEEL PANTHER Live – The House of Blues Sunset

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BRAN8775Steel Panther has been a staple on the Sunset Strip for many many years and hopefully many more to come! So as tonight’s sold out and final show of their threesome at the House of Blues Sunset arrived, we all knew it would be the end of a great era as this legendary venue is scheduled to be torn down in August. So enough with the sad story and on with the show!

With a packed house ready to rock and two excellent opening bands to warm up the crowd, Panther hit the stage around 10:45. As they always do, they absolutely tore this place down on their own with a blistering set list containing a variety of their biggest hits and a few classic rock covers that we all know and love. The set list which included Eyes of a Panther, Community Property, Here I Go Again (Whitesnake), and Death to all but Metal just to name a few were what everyone came to hear. Panther, with its raunchy, dirty, kick ass comedy and killer music was well worth the wait and well worth waiting for with a few thousand other Panther fans! If you have never seen a live Steel Panther performance you and other fans of the 80’s metal scene are missing out on a great show! From their spandex to their headbands these 4 guys make every show unique and crazy! From topless HOT women to a few dudes even getting a rare chance to get on stage (never happens/chicks only), getting up and head banging alongside Steel Panther is what this final HOB was all about.

BRAN9084Michael Starr with his David Lee Roth esq frontman performance and his powerful and impressive vocals rang through the room with power. Satchels hard-core riffs and ripping solos made every talented guitar player re-think their abilities. With Lexxi Foxx on bass and Stix Zadinia on drums, the rhythm section brought a hard hitting low end to the sound that is without a doubt, the sound of Steel Panther.

Starting out as Danger Kitty, then Metal Shop & Metal Skool, these guys have made a name for themselves on the Sunset Strip and across the world. Opening for Def Leppard and Motley Crue to just recently Judas Priest and KISS, they are showing what the 80’s hair metal scene was all about! We should all have been so lucky to have witnessed that era of drugs, sex and metal/rock n’ roll, but for those who didn’t see that awesome yet illegal, yet mind blowing time; this band will take you to a place in time you won’t ever forget! I have no idea how many Panther shows I’ve seen but let me tell you this final HOB Sunset show was one of the best!  Michael, Satchel, Lexxi, and Stix are some of the most impressive musicians around and have been playing this 80’s hair metal for, well since the 80’s! To all the musicians, actors, comedians, plus all up and coming musicians who have jumped up on that stage and jammed with Panther, plus all opening bands, us fans will never forget those memorable times and we thank you! Wherever Steel Panther ends up on the Sunset Strip, I speak for everyone when I say we cannot wait for the next show!

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