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Stoney Curtis Band - Halo Of Dark MatterStoney Curtis spent his formative childhood and teen years in Chicago, home of the blues. Curtis grew up not only listening to the greatest blues music in America; he was also influenced by the 70’s rock music scene of  KISS, UFO, Robin Trower, Zeppelin, Cream and Pink Floyd.  Naturally he has re-created that sound with his own band.

Halo Of Dark Matter is the fifth album for the Stoney Curtis Band.  Groovy, dark, funky, jazzy, bluesy, and spacey are just a few words to describe the album.  Curtis’ guitar work along with his exceptional song writing and lyrics bring another fantastic album released on Shrapnel.  The 12 track album comprised of Pure Greed, Grifter, Life In Odd Times, I Can’t Live My Life This Way, You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About, Déjà Vu, Drivin’ All Night, Halo Of Dark Matter, Ice Cold Beer, Hard Livin’, 7 Wonders Of My World, and In The Shadows.  Each song title can give one an insight to the albums feel and center.

Curtis and his band remain true to their roots with some feel-good blues and rock, with jazz and that trippiness Curtis is known for thrown in for good measure.   While others can speculate at the meaning behind the lyrics in each and every song, does it really matter what the meaning is; who or what it’s about?  No, it doesn’t.  Curtis writes from the heart, and while most have experienced the lyrics in true life, it is very easy to relate to the songs.  Who can’t relate to You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About and Ice Cold Beer?  Of course the title track, Halo Of Dark Matter will take you along for a psychotomimetic trip as Curtis manifests his passion for his music. Curtis along with band mates Barry Barnes (bass) and Shon McKee (drums) tour quite often and that in itself is a show not to be missed.  Halo Of Dark Matter is an album to sit back, turn it on, and live a little.  

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