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Stormzone - Three KingsDo you recall those vibrant days of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, where your pyjamas were made of denim and leather and you had cereal with a side order of air guitar for breakfast?  What some people refer to as ‘old skool’ and others hale as ‘classic’, this is heavy metal which has caught the imagination of various radio outlets across the U.S.  Welcome to the fourth album from these Northern Irish metal warriors who have amongst their ranks two ex-members of a respected NWOBHM band called Sweet Savage.

Three Kings serves up a 13 song collection which was self-produced, but you wouldn’t know it once you give this a spin!  Thanks mostly to the talents of guitarist Steve Moore, the sound on this album is crisp and large.  Beginning with a narrative from Winston Churchill, opener The Pain Inside informs the listener exactly what is to come.  Riff after riff, guitar solos and a brilliant performance from lead vocalist John ‘Harv’ Harbinson are what immediately strike the ears.

Containing moments of Helloween-inspired melody and musical arrangement, with hints of many classic heavy metal moments, songs like Spectre and Stone Heart continue the momentum that was started by the opening song.

Other highlights include The Pass Loning, Night of the Storm and I Am the One.  This five-piece make it all sound so easy, and once you’ve heard the power of the title track and experienced their reflective side with Beware in Time, you realise they’re not a one-dimensional outfit either.

Whether you’re in the mood to punch the air to the chugging B.Y.H. (Bang Your Head) or to appreciate the more intricate Alive, Three Kings has a lot to offer.  Audiences from parts of South America and Europe gravitate towards this sort of straight forward approach with guitars cranked up to 11.  While there are fans and crowds prepared to indulge in such competent dynamics which are displayed here in fine aplomb, then bands like Stormzone will always rock the stages of the globe.

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