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Stryper - No More Hell To PaySweet brothers Michael and Robert along with band mates Oz Fox and Tim Gaines release their eighth studio album, No More Hell To Pay on Frontiers Records.

Michael on rhythm/lead guitar is still the driving force of vocals for the band and the voice is still as golden as ever.  Robert on drums, Fox on lead/rhythm guitar and Gaines on bass, the three offer backing vocals for the entire band.  Stryper is a Christian glam-metal band from Orange County, California.  Originally formed as the band Roxx Regime as a trio with Eric Johnson on bass, Fox later joined the trio and the band became known as Stryper from an urge from their record label, not long after Gaines joined as bassist.  Claiming gold on their first album, Soldiers Under Command, it was their third album, To Hell with the Devil, that was their most successful record which sold more than 2 million copies.  The band has sold an upwards total of 8 million records worldwide.  Adding to their accomplishments, they are a Dove Award winner and Grammy nominee.  They are also the first band to have two songs on MTV’s Top 10 simultaneously.

No More Hell To Pay is to be released on November 1 in Europe and November 5 in US.  It will be released as a CD Edition or a Deluxe Edition-CD+DVD.  The CD includes track list  Revelation,  No More Hell To Pay, Saved By Love, Jesus Is Just Alright,  The One, Legacy,  Marching Into Battle, Te Amo,  Sticks & Stones, Water Into Wine,  Sympathy, and Renewed.  The Deluxe Edition presents the “Making of the Album” documentary, and video clips of No More Hell To Pay and Sympathy.

Melodic and harmonic, the guitar riffs are as extreme and solos are abundant. The album has a unequivocal resemblance to their album To Hell With The Devil, and may bring the fans what they have been waiting for all these years. While each track is pure Stryper, they bring one cover to the fold with Jesus Is Just Alright, made famous by The Doobie Brothers.   Their own interpretation is more than just alright, but very likable.  Title track No More Hell To Pay echoes what Stryper was all about in the first place; Christian Rock and glam at its best.  The only thing missing is the yellow and black striped suits and the massive hair of the 80’s.  Either way, it’s glad to have Stryper return with this quality of an album.

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