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Suicidal AngelsSophocles was of three ancient Greek tragedians who was known for his development of drama, while reducing the importance of chorus and plot during his plays. This parallel is quite befitting when listening to Suicidal Angel’s Divide and Conquer, who also hail from Greece. While most typical bands assault the listener with homogenized albums where every track sounds the same [with pauses between tracks distinguishing song from the next,] not only bring the drama, but also lend validity and audible differentiation throughout the album.

Marching Over , track, sets the mood for the songs that follow, beginning with riffs and drums that command you and take you prisoner. on this is accidental. Through each song, they lead you into a different place with intent, leading with harnessed by power and rank.

Seed of Evil, In the and Kneel to the Gun riddle the atmosphere with gunfire via drum beats and heavy artillery, serving as the backing that drives this to the frontlines- unafraid of what unseen force may lay ahead of them.
The lyrics to each song from Divide and Conquer don’t get lost in the surroundings. Each song follows the lead of each instrument with precision and purpose- each doing battle with your mind, while asserting their presence throughout the mission. The highs and lows are captured in songs like Control the Twisted Mind and White Wizard, where the push-pull of drama makes itself most evident among the collective tracks.

This knows how to go in for the kill, striking at the right moments on all accounts. If you are a fan of metal, this will not disappoint.

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