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Super73 - Remember. Bulletproof.Hailing from the central part of England, this alternative rock quartet is still relatively new as they came together from other bands that eventually dissolved.  This is their debut extended player containing five fresh sounding tracks.  The cheese has been left at home as Andrew Winfield and Rob Ellis keep things nice and tight in the rhythm section, as all manner of guitar moments demand attention thanks to Stephen Potter and Mark Whinkless.  Both the latter of these two veritable examples of the emotive rocker and the former, are the vocalists which dual throughout the journey.

A minor grumble might be aimed at how one of the songs out of the five gets to seduce the senses twice, and the guilty party goes by the name of There, or Thereabouts.  One version is a radio edited interpretation and the first version that greets those who listen to this, is the full E.P. version.  It really is a minor quibble as the song itself is so good.

It’s exciting discovering new talent that express themselves with their own twists and turns.  A Local Hero drives forward mixing adrenaline with a quirky ear to sharing lead vocals.  By the time you reach the end of this gritty song, you know there is longevity within their music as you make a return journey and hear it again.

There’s a fragility which shines within the skeletal structure of brutality creating a cornucopia of audible delight.  Let it Go and Untitled (What Matters?) are testimony to the multi-textured sound that resemble moments by Hundred Reasons or perhaps Hell is for Heroes.

Essentially, this E.P. is an acknowledgement of their existence and is the proverbial foot in the door.  With their chemistry sizzling and their focus clear, Super73 could be serving up portions of true magic in the not too immediate future.  Watch this space ladies and gentlemen.

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