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Fans of Geoff Tate will be happy to know that the ex-Queensryche singer is set to release his sophomoric album for his Sweet Oblivion project entitled Relentless on Frontiers Music Srl, April 9, 2021. Ahead of the release, you can watch videos of two album tracks, Another Change and Strong Pressure online (see below). 

Throwing back to his metal roots of 80’s Queensryche, Tate returns with his characteristically metal-classical vocals on Relentless, a progressive hard-rock album. Relentless combines chunky power chords, tight hooks, and harmonies of the 80’s with new musical influences. One of the strongest songs on the album, Another Change, is a progressive hard-rock anthem where Tate’s vocal range shines through this melodic, infectious song with a strong lyrical hook. Strong Pressure is another song reminiscent of 80’s metal days, with lush melodies, lyrical storytelling, and quintessential guitar harmonies. It’s one of the most impressive songs, both lyrically and musically on the album, and suits Tate’s vocal range and tone.

Tate has once again teamed up with an all-Italian group of musicians for this album. Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere, Timo Tolkki’s Avalon, Archon Angel) took the lead in production, songwriting and was featured on guitar, Michele Sanna (drums), Luigi Andreone (bass), and Antonion Agate (keyboards).

On this second album, Tate became more involved with the songwriting, asking Lonobile to write the song Aria in which he sings entirely in Italian. As a vocalist, Tate has always been a step above, unique in style, combining hard rock with an operatic-classical edge and on Relentless his vocals are both exquisite and captivating in both English and now, Italian.

Relentless is an album, combining the great songwriting talents of Lonobile conceived and performed by Tate, with a step back in time to the music of the Queensryche era. Fans will certainly welcome the nostalgia of this classic metal foray.

1. Once Again One Sin
2. Strong Pressure
3. Let It Be
4. Another Change
5. Wake Up Call
6. Remember Me
7. Anybody Out There
8. I’ll Be The One
9. Fly Angel Fly




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