THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT – Live! – House of Blues, Orlando

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TM 9On Feburary 18th The Temperance Movement started out their first ever U.S. tour in Nashville, Tennessee opening up for Blackberry Smoke.  The UK-based band, known over the pond for their bluesy brand of unadulterated rock n’ roll is fast becoming known for electrifying live shows.  Fast forward a few months to April 25th in Orlando, Florida. As you make your way through the mob of Disney Fanatics and sunburned tourists to the House of Blues in Downtown Disney there is an apparent air of rock n’ roll fun lingering just above the crowd as they wait to enter the venue.  When the doors open people flood into the HOB to find their spot for the evening, which will only be left for a beer and bathroom break.  As the crowd waits for the show to begin it is clear that most are there for Blackberry Smoke.  The beards, chewing tobacco, and occasional Earnhardt Junior shirt made this ever so obvious.  As the lights dimmed The Temperance Movement took the stage.

With a simple “Hello, we’re The Temperance Movement” Phil Campbell, lead vocals for TTM, introduced themselves to what looked like the crowd at the Daytona 500.   Few showed interest, but with a handful of lingering fans among the bearded good ol’ boys of Florida cheering them on, The Temperance Movement started the show.

TM 17With a grimy 1, 2, foot stomping blues riff the band broke into 3 Bullets.  The still wary crowd saw the energy of the band and seemed to open up to the idea of a UK band invading the South.  With a stage presence and moves reminiscent of Jagger and a gruff yet melodic voice reminiscent of Chris Robinson, Campbell took command of the stage creating a purely fun, rock n’ roll environment.

Soon, the previously stagnant and quiet crowd, showed signs of life with a roaring cheer as they finished yet another bluesy track called Be Lucky. It was apparent now that the crowd full of Blackberry Smoke fans did indeed have a soft spot for these limey blokes from the UK. The Temperance Movement took a minute to slow down the pace with songs like Smouldering and Pride but most of the show was an electrifying showcase of swagger-soaked rock n’ roll fervor. It may have been an uphill battle, but in the end The Temperance movement came out victorious.

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