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TESSERACT - Altered StateTrue to their progressive roots, TesseracT’s new record Altered State carries the listener off on an adventure in four parts. The bands diverseness and strong overall performance on this album gives you exceptionally heavy elements pinned together with light airy moments that allows the listener to either head bang their way or gently glide through this 10 track epic.

Newly equipped with lead singer Ashe O’Hara, the first three tracks on the record, a part of the Of Matter section of the albums four parts, are very airy and melodic. There are moments of heaviness in these songs for the head bangers though, most notably on the first track of the album Proxy. The second part of this epic is called Of Mind. The most impactful song of this section is the 8 minute 50 second track Exile. Almost an album in itself, the track starts heavy, eases up, and finished out with a heck of a breakdown.

Of Reality, the third section, and Of Energy, the fourth and final part, sound relatively the same, but within these two sections there are some dynamic elements. One thing that comes along, especially in Of Reality, is a part of the band’s style that actually helped create a genre. Djent is relatively new and typically known for its chugging sound and progressiveness. The songs Palingeneisis and Eclipse demonstrate this powerful new genre within the music realm at its best. Another extremely unusual addition to the TesseracT sound on this new record that is used in both Calabi-Yau and the last track of the album Ember is the use of a saxophone in harmony with the shredding guitar riffs. It’s an ingenious use of an instrument not typically used in metal to further show the unique flair that has helped propel this band into the forefront of metal pioneering.

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