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dsc_0175The Brotherhood of the Snake came to Bogarts in Cincinnati, OH Saturday, April 29 as Testament brought a show full of new material, classics, favorites and some rare oddities.  Prong and Sepultura helped turn the venue into a hot, sweaty mess with Germany’s Dying Gorgeous Lies’ second night of the U.S. tour.

In the vein of Arch Enemy and Liv Sin, Oberfranken’s Dying Gorgeous Lies started things with singer Liz Gorgeous war-painted and ready.  The grit voiced red head roared out the cause, belting out five tunes, starting the Hellfire.  Rise Again stomped like a charging battle hymn, weapons drawn and fists raised.  No. 759 told the story of nameless desolation of the marked but forgotten, ending fast and tense going full on Beast Mode.  

dsc_0394Tommy Victor and company cranked out eight tunes from classic Prong to new record X (No Absolutes) starting old school on For Dear Life.  Prove You Wrong got a piece on Unconditional with the Cleansing of Cut-Rate.  Cut and Dry was one of two new songs with three more Cleansing’s on Another Worldly Device, Whose Fist Is This Anyway and Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck, ending with Sense of Ease

Sepultura played a set honoring the Cavalera years and the modern era.  Machine Messiah’s opening battering ram I Am the Enemy started the ritual accompanied by the drums and Middle Eastern swagger of Phantom Self.  Against got a shout out on Choke as Derrick Green pounded the drum.  They went classic on Desperate Cry.  New tunes and the late ‘80s went back-to-back on the grandiose Sworn Oath and Inner Self.  Guitar strings danced on Alethea, as bass ripped and drums smashed the Resistant Parasites.  The familiar drumbeat of Chaos A.D. started Refuse/Resist.  They took it home with tribal groove on Ratamahatta and Roots Bloody Roots.

dsc_0831Headliners Testament played 17 songs and three solos led by the ballistic roar of Chuck Billy.  Brotherhood of the Snake opened spitting venom into the waiting pit.  The Dark Roots rose up as The Pale King reigned.  The atrocities of war were told on Centuries of Suffering.  Alex Skolnick got the first individual spotlight searing notes from his guitar, including a nod to Van Halen.  The Ritual was rep’d on Electric Crown as the first New Order was given on Into the Pit.   They went Low for the first time in years.  The Dark Roots of Earth and thrash returned on Throne of Thorns.  Billy said during these turbulent times we raise our fists together in unity for a Stronghold.  Eric Peterson took his turn to shred.  The Eyes of Wrath came from the Gathering for the gathering with Gene Hoglan loudly smashing ears.  The Legacy shined on First Strike Is Deadly.  Nothing off Demonic, but Steve Di Giorgio made his bass sound bluesy and hellish introducing Urotsukidoji.  Souls of Black made old schoolers happy as the Seven Seals spoke of Armageddon.  The New Order ended the main set.

On the encore, Billy told a story about filming videos in Texas, drinking Jack Daniels and seeing Pantera jam resulting in the title Practice What You Preach.  Over the Wall finished the show.

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