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Most bands like to tell you they are doing something unique.  However, after listening to the music, most of the time those claims are disappointingly found to be nothing more than publicity hype.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet .  These guys are the real deal. A blend of Southern rock influences that draws from bands as diverse as Pantera to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Black Label Society to .38 Special, THC (as they are fondly known) are ready to unleash a Texas-sized musical tornado on the world with their latest release Peacemaker.

Led by gravel-voiced frontman Big Dad Ritch, Peacemaker hits like a ton of bricks.  Fans of hard-edged stuff such as Pantera and Dimebag Darrell will feel right at home with the rapid-fire, stacatto guitars of Damn You To Hell.  And it’s not just the sledgehammer music–the songs lyrics hit equally hard: “I’m a lunatic and I’m about to get sick, I’m a maniac and I’m about to attack.  I’m crazy insane, and I bring pain.  I’m mentally ill, and I’m about to kill.” In a similar vein, both music and lyric-wise, is 8 Seconds, which is written from the perspective of a wild rodeo bull.  The song is hook-laden and will stick with you from the first listen, complete with crushing guitars and F-bombs bursting in air.

On the other hand is the song Don’t Come Lookin’, which showcases the classic Skynyrd/Molly Hatchet/.38 Special style of Southern rock.  Still hits hard, but more restrained vocal delivery, more melodic guitars.  A true hybrid is Paw Paw Hill. The song starts with a bluesy acoustic, laid-back guitar, but just when you’re thinking “wow, nice change of pace” it explodes into a full-on screaming rocker.

In this era of digital downloads when you can pick and choose individual tracks from an album, it’s rare to recommend the entire album.  Peacemaker  is one of those rarities–there isn’t a clunker in the bunch.  Buy it, love it, play it loud.

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