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Australian metalcore quartet, The Amity Affliction, wants you to know that “mental illness is uncompromising and indiscriminate,” and if “you peel back the layers” you’ll find the truth and underlying message in their seventh full-length and debut album on Pure Noise Records, Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them. The band members, Joe Birch (vocals), Ahren Stringer (vocals, bass), Dan Brown (lead guitar), and John Longobardi (drums), assembled together songs incorporating electronica, grunge and metal into a dark and forceful album.

Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them returns the band to their heavier side and collaboration with Misery (2018) producer Matt Squire. This new album brings back rock guitar and grungy metal in a diverse collection of songs that go from lush choruses to pop-punk metalcore. The band has already racked up 1.5 million Spotify streams for the gut wrenching All My Friends Are Dead, all on the heels of the album’s single Soak Me In Bleach, a grungier foray.

In a press release Birch talks about depression and how it doesn’t discriminate, not even for those who are successful. “We have a platform. We have the opportunity to say something, so that’s what we’re doing,” and in songs like Aloneliness, a heartbreaking confession of being bipolar, imagery and pop choruses against deep electronic-music communicate what it might feel like for someone struggling with this illness.

Birch confessed that during the recording of Misery a friend killed himself. Through his grief came Catatonia, replete with cathartic guttural screams and a sound harkening back to their early albums. Escapism is something Birch is fortunate to do with his music. Through the song Forever Birch he directly talks about his bi-polar diagnosis – the song takes on a deep personal confession.

On the surface Everyone Loves… You Once You Leave Them is an album of heavy alternative grunge and metal – screamo vocals balanced out by lush ballads and metal pop sensibilities – but deep down it’s therapy for mental health and a journey, of sorts, through the mind of those who’ve been there, and if it’s meant to touch one person so they can live a better life, well then it’s more than just an album, it’s a lifesaver.
Everyone Loves… You Once You Leave Them is available here:

Everyone Loves You Once You Leave Them
All My Friends Are Dead
Soak Me In Bleach
All I Do is Sink
Baltimore Rain
Just Like Me
Born to Lose
Fever Dream

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