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There’s a good chance that most of us in the United States have never heard of . A band from Lisbon, Portugal on a record label based in Spain? That combination isn’t typically on American music radar, but one listen to the band’s new album should definitely change that.  

The band lists Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin among their prime influences, and it shows. No three-chord rock here; the song arrangements are complex and fluid, and the musicianship is flawless. Drummer Rui Reis and bassist Ricardo Dikk anchor the solid rhythm section, while Reis’ brother Marco is the hotshot guitarist. French-born vocalist Sandrine Orsini matches her bandmates in power and talent (despite the international lineup of the group, all the songs are  sung in English). 

Revolution Blues is the first single and video from the album, and it’s a good intro to their music. Guitar and bass lock in note-for note on the impossibly intricate, extremely long main riff. Any listener who is a musician will appreciate the long hours of practice that Dikk and Marco Reis must have needed to nail that. Above it all, Orsini’s voice soars. Midway, the tempo drops dramatically in the bridge before speeding up again on the chorus to the end of the song. 

According to their bio, are heavily influenced by American and British rock and blues artists. The first track on the album, Nine Lives, has a guitar riff that fans of Robin Tower or Stevie Ray Vaughn will definitely lock on to. Speaking of classic rock influences, drummer Rui Reis’ style compares very favorably with the great John Bonham. Yes, that’s a tall comparison, but Reis definitely has the chops. Rise Above the Storm is a breathtaking, heart-stopping jam that defines the entire album—each and every song is a crusher.

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