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The BRAINS - The Monster WithinThese guys hail from Canada and must feast on a daily portion of virgin blood, “psychobilly” bone scraps and the very finest punk-injected poison droplets.  The Monster Within isn’t their debut album if you’re unfamiliar with their name; instead it follows in the shadow of their tradition of producing fabulous upbeat, hook-laden horror punk with generous amounts of psychobilly debris like their previous studio opus, Drunk Not Dead.

The proof as they say is in the pudding.  This offering is made of creepy crawlies dancing to the Rev. Horton Heat, HorrorPops or Meteors, topped with lashings of Nekromantix!  Songs like Give It All, Stay Back and The Damned rise out of the coffin with appropriate aplomb.  are going to send us all to Hell in Rest in Pieces, but for some reason that doesn’t matter when you’re plugged into this devilish party.

Frantic performances and relentless stamina bring these songs to life thanks to the chemistry between Rene D La Muerte teasing his guitar and providing vocals; Brad Graves killing his guitar; Colin the Dead pounding with evil delight on his double bass and Pat Kadaver constantly attacking his drums in some sort of psycho frenzy.  Maybe he was merely trying to smack an irritating fly that buzzed around his head and as a consequence produced a rapid beat?

With the 14 ‘trackulas’ on offer within the dusty cobwebbed audio display that is The Monster Within, you get some variety which keeps the whole event fresh and enjoyable.  The instrumental Cucaracha in Leather is great fun for example, plus the familiar vocal melodies that weave their spell throughout the rockabilly inspired musical background in the form of Lies, or Electric Shock.

Whether it’s Halloween or not, this latest example of tried and tested psychobilly and horror punk extravagance is reliable and delivers a vampire’s bite.

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