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When a band comes back long past the heyday they made history in to release new music after being away for years, people always wonder what happened to them? Did they waste their money, talents and youth on drugs or fight amongst themselves and blow it all to shit? Did they decide to marry, raise families and live what might be considered a more normal lifestyle or was it just… time to lay down their weapons and live to fight another day?

For The Cult, the latter is obvious. The release of Choice Of Weapon; the band’s first new studio album in five years is solid proof The Cult never went anywhere; they were just waiting for the right time to bring a little tumultuous soul back to rock-n’-roll. With producers, Chris Goss (Queens of the Stone Age, U.N.K.L.E. Masters of Reality) and Bob Rock (Metallica, Bush, The Cult’s Sonic Temple) at the helm, The Cult have put out ear candy true to their legendary hook-driven sound and arena style anthem rock. Vocalist, Ian Astbury, with his signature shamanistic/earth-magic kind of vibe, breathes life into tunes like Honey From a Knife, Wilderness Now and the psychedelic offerings of Elemental Light, while Billy Duffy’s intense guitar playing on For The Animals and Amnesia, would never leave anyone wondering why he has been referred to as one of the post-punk era’s greatest guitarists. Rounding out The Cult’s sound is Chris Wyse on bass and John Tempesta behind the kit.

When all is said and done, Choice Of Weapon is reflective, powerful and could quite well be one of their best albums in years.

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