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The Dodies are a garage band duo from southern Israel who during this crazy pandemic released their debut album It’s One Hell of a Ride, co-produced by Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Sons of Apollo, ex-Guns ‘N Roses) on April 24, 2020. Yoni Avittan (singer, guitarist) and Ran Aronson (drummer, synth bass/backing vocals), is a self-described garage band playing a range of music genres from straight up rock to 90s grunge with an adjacent punk vibe.

While Avittan sings lead and plays guitar, Aronson plays drums while simultaneously playing synth bass and switching back and forth like a well-oiled machine. The two piece minimalism works for The Dodies, and their sound is surprisingly full despite the lack of additional hands. The Dodies are original in so many ways, not only their presence, but in songs like their first single Boiling Point on Spotify and all digi-music platforms. The video for Boiling Point is a quirky southern-esque “howdy y’all” which is both imaginative and hilarious tongue-in-cheek from a couple of guys from Israel.

At the end of 2018, Bumblefoot was called to co-produce the band’s demo and was blown away by the duo. Along with Matt Novesky (Blue October), the album was recorded in Austin, Texas at a local studio with vocals and extras recorded at Aranson’s house. What transpired is an album filled with engaging and thought-provoking songs, all recorded in one or two takes and no auto-tune, just pure raw garage sound of polished material.

Many of the themes in The Dodies songs center around depression, alienation and rage, capturing the raw intensity contrasted with lush melodies and hooks. The 13-song album is an amalgamate of genres from punk to rock to grunge all happily coexisting. Suburban Nights and Pussy Riot are two of the stronger cuts on the album and along with their single Boiling Point definitely lives up to the album title, It’s One Hell of a Ride and without a doubt a great beginning for The Dodies.

It’s One Hell of a Ride
Boiling Point
Sell Out
Suburban Nights
Comfort Zone
Pussy Riot
Sweet Solitude

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