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The Fuzz Drivers AlbumSouthern Rock from a Portuguese rock band?  That would be CORRECT!  are a blasting new sound formed in Lisbon, who are now claiming fast fame in Portugal.    The  talents of Marcelo Vieira (vocals), Sergio “Mad Mag” (guitar), João Lopes (bass) and Duarte Carvalo (drums) packs a power house of sound into their self titled debut album.

Influences from music of the past three decades is heard, however, the end result is a definite Southern Rock jam not to be denied.   The nine track album contains a catalog of tunes just released this past January 31, 2013.   Discordia Song will catch you by surprise with the four taps of a drum from Carvalo and slamming straight into full rock intro to vocals from Vieira which leave you instantly caught up in the experience.  Mad Mag’s riffs are masterful enough to rate with others that have been around for quite some time.  Shine and Eats Me Up lean toward the classic rock feel, but Carved Time will give you the 70’s heartbeat with a hint of influence of The Allman Brothers, Atlanta Rhythm Section and Lynard Skynard.  Mama Told You is a definite throwback in time to early classic rock mixed with southern flare which unveils the ability of this foursome to pound the speakers.  Into The Sun has a bit of blues thrown in with  a fleeting “trip” from The Doors.  The Poet and The Thief along with Until It Bleeds are the most powerful pure rock songs on the album, showcasing the bands full talents.  White Lies wraps up the album with a smack in the face from a sound reminiscent to the early 80’s before the long hair.

The guitar riffs from Mad Mag, the deep bass of Lopes, the pounding drums from Carvalo and the massive vocals of Vieira prove came to ROCK!

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