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Reminiscent of the early days of stadium rock, The New Roses, hailing from Germany, revitalize the genre with their latest release Sweet Poison.  The fifth studio album for vocalist/guitarist Tommy Rough, guitarist Norman Bites, bassist Hardy, and drummer Urban Berz comes at the top of their discography with infectious grooves and grand choruses.  Starting off the album strong is the Motley Crue-esque headbanger My Kinda Crazy.  The terrific riffs by Bites, complemented by the remarkable chorus, make the song stand out as one of the best on the album.  All I Ever Needed lets Rough show off a grungier vocal style with an acoustic raspy start transcending into a full rock anthem.  The middle of the record is full of life, with songs like Warpaint, Dead of Night, and True Love keeping the same groove that drew listeners in since the beginning.  The final track, The Veins of this Town, ends the album on a high note. It’s another track with a slow buildup that contrasts with the heavier ending creating a nice dynamic that shows the range of the band.  Overall, Sweet Poison is a well-written record with many positive things about it, and it is surely worth a listen!  In support of the release, The New Roses will be on tour starting the 20th of October in Bochum, Germany, and running through the 3rd of December in Sheffield, England.  It’s clear that even after 15 years together, The New Roses are as young and vibrant as ever, and will continue to put out great music like this for years to come!  Be sure to pick up Sweet Poison, see the band live, and check The New Roses out on all of their social media platforms linked below.


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