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THE ROOM OPEN FIREUK melodic rock  band are utilizing their music to support a worthy cause. The band released their single Screaming Through The Noise on March 3 with all proceeds donated to the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT). Vocalist Martin Wilson is deeply connected to this  charity, as his son Joshua battled with retinoblastoma, eventually losing his sight in 2009.  Retinoblastoma (Rb) is a rare form of cancer which affects the retina of children,  predominantly under the age of five years and it represents 3% of childhood cancers in the UK.

Screaming Through the Noise is a single off of the full length debut album, Open Fire, that was released in December of 2012, featuring 9 tracks. Nine tracks that total to almost 56 minutes, immediately proving that this band is not intent on producing merely “radio-friendly” material. The lengthy cut is In The Shadows, coming in at 9 minutes and 30 seconds. The song tells a story from the beginning with the sounds of rainstorm, walking feet, and a door. The constantly changing mood and intensity of the track keep you interested all the way through, with Martin Wilson’s confident vocals, Steve Checkley’s keyboards, and Steve Anderson’s guitar being featured prominently.

Where the band shines the most seems to be on keyboard based ballads such as 16 Tonnes, Behind the Silence, and the charity single Screaming Through the Noise.  However, there are some heavier tunes, including the opening track, Flesh and Bone, and the final Track,  where the rhythm section of Andrew Rae on drums and Andy Rowe on bass really have their opportunity to be in the spotlight.

has obvious progressive rock influences, and at times the music does seem like it may be something out of a different decade. However the band is also able to remain relevant to the current day and future releases from will be highly anticipated.

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