The SCREAMER MAGAZINE Mixtapes, Volume 2

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So much of what passes for “music” these days is targeted at the masses, and thus seems to value visuals over talent. As evidence we see the rise of over processed, over polished bland boring pop that unfortunately seems to permeate every aspect of society. 

All of this makes by not just a breath of fresh air, but a full blown, Category 5 musical hurricane. The lyrics are a very timely comment on what’s going on in this country today (“Get off the fence and pick a side”) and the music is a hard hitting,  intricate ballet of melody and vocal harmonies. As a musician myself, frankly I’m in awe of how well these guys can play and sing their complex instrumental and vocal parts.


In the publicity materials for this band, it states that “Lead vocalist Alvi Robinson was one of only four singers to audition to replace Brian Johnson in AC/DC in 2016.” Watching the video and listening to it’s no secret that is strongly influenced by AC/DC. The song doesn’t necessarily break new ground musically, but it’s so well done and rocks so damn hard that it’s irresistible.


OK, this is a really interesting song. The opening 38 seconds I’m watching and ready to give it a thumbs down because it definitely doesn’t sound like metal or hard rock, but rather a generic pop/alternative tune. Then at the 39 second mark the power chord guitars, bass and drums lock in and the song launches in a big way. There’s even a section of screaming vocals in the bridge. Normally I’m not a fan of screaming, but in this case it fits the context of the lyrics and it’s just that one short part of the song, which makes it palatable, dare say even enjoyable? Watch for yourself and decide.

*Artist*Thousand Below


If you lean to the left, subscribe to political correctness and believe in cancel culture, do not click on the link to this video or you will be immediately triggered and sent fleeing to your safe space! For everyone else, feast your ears and eyes on this country/hip-hop/metal amalgamation which features Corey Taylor from Slipknot on guest vocals.


have been around since 1989, and this song shows that three decades later, the funk-o-metal boys have still got it. The tune has a catchy groove and rolls with their signature hard edge, and the humorous, animated video shows they also have a sense of sly playfulness to go along with the music.


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