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The music industry has lured musicians to Los Angeles for decades.  Intrigued by the glow of the marquee and the desire to see their name on it, young hopefuls have sold their soul on Hollywood Blvd. only to realize that fame always has a price.  Grammy Award winning bassist David Ellefson of Megadeth knows this story all too well and puts his own dark spin on it with his fictional debut The Sledge Chronicles: Rock Star Hitman.  Co-written by musician and filmmaker Drew Fortier (Zen From Mars, Bang Tango, Chuck Mosley), this creative force to be reckoned with has crafted an action-packed saga that will leave you on the edge of your seat right from the beginning. 

Rock Star Hitman is the first book of the series and it launches into an exposition introducing you to Sledge; the protagonist of the novel and a character that is easily adored.  Sledge is relatable to most, with a relentless spirit in a small town and big dreams to chase.  It doesn’t take long before you discover the grim backstory to his name and experience the first real thrill of the story.  By the last sentence of the first chapter, it is clear that Sledge is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill his fantasy of transforming from a farm boy in the Midwest to a rockstar on Hollywood Blvd.

This all-too-familiar story from your favorite rock n’ roll memoir quickly takes a turn as Sledge acquires his one-way-ticket into the music business and grasps that he has become one of the lucky few.  Or has he?  Enticed by the sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll lifestyle that we’ve all heard about on our favorite albums, Sledge signs a contract and becomes the dream that he had always wanted.  But the flair of his newfound fame begins to fade when he uncovers a startling quid pro quo: in exchange for achieving his dreams of rock stardom, he must enlist as a ruthless killer for a clandestine agency. 

Dripping with metaphors, dark humor and wit, Ellefson and Fortier have written a novel that can captivate readers of any genre.  From the music fanatics to the horror junkies and everyone in between, Rock Star Hitman has a little something for everyone.  Equipped with terrifying tour stories, an internal conflict to determine the forces of good or evil, and an unexpected love interest, there will be something that tempts you to read on.  The supporting cast of characters introduces several unique personalities to the story, some whose names could be scribbled on the walls of music venue bathrooms on Sunset Strip and others that remind you of someone whom you know and adore.  The encounters with these characters range from pure bliss and entertainment to heart-wrenching moments that leave you aching for the protagonist.  But each character adds another level of thrill to the wild ride that you are on. 

Rock Star Hitman ends with a sentence that still sends shivers down my spine with just the thought of it. Truly, the perfect ending to the first chapter of the saga.  But it certainly leaves room for the epilogue that you will be thinking about until the second book is released.  So, clear your schedule and spend a few hours watching a deal go down with the devil from the comfort of your own.


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