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CROP TheWildCoverLike a freight train out of the Canadian wilderness, ! comes roaring with their album GxDxWxBx. With a twin guitar attack, catchy riffs and a singer whose vocal style bears more than a passing resemblance to Brian Johnson, one of the first things that comes to mind is a Northern Lights version of AC/DC. (When reading the album credits it’s not surprising to see the record was produced by noted industry veteran Mike Fraser, who has five AC/DC records to his credit).

The opening track, the autobiographical Party Til You’re Dead is straight out of the AC/DC playbook. Dylan Villain’s rapid-fire vocals are matched blow-for-blow with his equally forceful guitar riffs and those of rhythm guitarist Pistol Pete.

Banger is one of two songs on the album that feature twin lead vocals. Villian starts the song singing lead, and on the second verse bass player Boozus takes over. His voice is completely distinct from Villian, and the contrast makes for a unique take on a rock tune.

Another of the twin-vocal songs is Roadhouse. This one shows off the band’s blues influence with a bluesy guitar riff intro before blasting off into a full rocker, with Villian and Boozus trading vocal parts.

One of the highlights of the album is Slow Burn, which features guest vocalist Christina Vos. Initially singing harmony on the chorus sections, she gradually builds intensity until she breaks off on her own on the final chorus, the soulful fury in her vocal delivery reaching a dramatic conclusion like an eagle clawing skyward.

These guys are relatively unknown in the U.S., not having toured here. However, if there’s any justice in the music world, that should change with the release of GxDxWxBx. This record is highly recommended for anyone who likes their music straight up and honest with no frills or filler.



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