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Three Days Grace - HumanIt has been a long while since Canadian rock band Three Days Grace has released a new album–or any new music for that matter. Three Days Grace gave us their fifth studio album Human on March 31, 2015 which features new vocalist Matt Walst (brother of bassist Brad Walst) from My Darkest Day. There is a surefire factor in what Walst brings to the table with his gritty, and powerful vocals. The heartfelt guitar solos by Barry Stock only help manifest this amazing album.

The first single Painkiller was released on iTunes April 8, 2014 and shot up to number one on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. Their second single I Am Machine was released September 2014 also reaching number one. Their third single Human Race was released March 23, 2015. Human stays loyal to Three Days Grace’s original style and essence starting small and ending in a big way. For fans who love The Animal I have Become will find definitive similarity in the guitar riff of Landmine.  If you have been a fan of Three Days Grace through the years, you may recognize similarities with the material on this album and many of their previous hits. They have managed to remain true to their sound even with a new frontman. A lot of bands veer away from the feel of their songs especially when new members come along, so in that aspect, it is quite understandable that Human is receiving the wide recognition and open arms of fans throughout the world. Track number three Fallen Angel brings more of a goth rock tone to the album bringing a power ballad vibe. Car Crash is probably the song that stood out the most in regards to being a dagger to the heart of the album with its terrifying and haunting lyrics.

To pick one favorite song on the album would be a difficult task. It all depends on which songs fans who have been around since day one enjoy as the majority of Human is more of a continuation rather than a reboot. However, it is worth listening to and taking in each song individually as it goes from sexy, groovy vibe to ballad. Either way, it brings Three Days Grace back to the race in the rock world.

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