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So you want to grow up and be a rock and roll star? Do you even know what you are getting yourself into?  Sitting with founding member Nick James from Throwing Gravity, one ponders the path he has taken and continues to take for the love of his music.  James  is the only original member left in the band, having put out their last album a year ago called, It’s Not the End. Like so many artists today, Throwing Gravity had to self publish their latest album, with help from the fans. With websites like, bands have the ability to put together a grassroots effort in order to collect the funds from their fans to bring out an album. Getting signed by a record label was something that Throwing Gravity had been through, and it was an adventure that ended badly. Playing around 100 shows the past year has kept this upstart band on the verge of breaking through to the masses.  James keeps the pulse of the band on an even keel, despite the fact that as he put it, “It is tougher to get live gigs today that actually pay, than to sell albums, but the two go hand in hand.”

Throwing Gravity’s sound follows the same genre as Nickelback and James delivers rock solid vocals and a rough cutting edge style to his music that is starting to get them noticed by more and more fans. The best thing for fans and artists is putting a tour together of about four bands.  Since Throwing Gravity is a self published band at this point, touring is something else that is self published. They no longer have the support of a label, not like a label really supports bands anymore anyway, but James has to use his own money to fund a tour or even a one time show for the band. The hard part is having to decide do you take a gig that might pay you a thousand bucks, but the cost will be twelve hundred to play the show, or losing two hundred bucks? Many of you reading this might be shocked to know that many artists like Throwing Gravity actually do lose money when they tour.  If they can get three more bands together, that will really cut back on the expenses and help them pull in more fans. In listening to the band’s album, It’s Not The End, you can just feel the effort and love James puts into his music.

For Throwing Gravity and Nick James money and fame are a by-product of the love James has for his music. These are the bands that will make it through the tough times in the music industry today, because they will continue to carry forward and never stop learning and growing as artists. Throwing Gravity comes out strong on the first song of the album, Circles. It won’t take fans of TNA (total non-stop action) wrestling long to know the fourth tune, The Inside, as it was picked as the theme song for the May 13th PPV event. But the highlight of the album is their biggest and most popular hit, Here we go Again. Fans will be excited to know that Throwing Gravity are going back into the studio to release another album in 2013.

Click here to purchase It’s Not The End.

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