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CROP IMG_1393On an unusually warm Fall evening, Kama Sutures, and kept the temperature in Hollywood, CA hot as they took the stage at the world famous Whisky A Go Go on Thursday, September 24th. Unfortunately, we only made it for the last song that Kama Sutures performed but they sure raised some hell and it was an astounding start to an aggressive and powerful night of rock n’ roll music.

For our frequent Screamer Magazine readers, you may recall our review of the Battle Of The Bands for the Cathouse Live held at the Whisky back in August where we first discovered the mega-talented female rock singer known as .  A New Jersey native, Hatter often travels back to Los Angeles to play various shows and has opened for acts like Jack Russell’s Great White, Faster Pussycat and BulletBoys. This is not her first time playing in support of of Cinderella and while we thought she was a rock n’ roll superstar back in August, she managed to exceed that performance with an epic dose of hell yeah. Performing such songs as Rock Your Head (AC/DC cover), Lose My Mind, Lightning Strikes Twice and ending with It’s All Good as part of her six song set, she delivered some stellar powerhouse vocals that carried from the stage to the rock n’ roll soul of each person there. With a fusion of 70’s classic rock, 80’s hair metal, Hatter gave everything she had and then some in her black, sequined romper, black ankle boots. Joined by Ace Von Johnson of the band Faster Pussycat for the song Jukebox Jive and electrified the audience with his guitar riffs and solo. As Hatter is now completely done recording and mastering her LP titled Lose Your Mind, she is currently shopping for a distribution deal with a record label and continues to handle every aspect of her musical career. While it can be a challenge at times, she just remains focused and was honored to play with again.  Expect great things from her as Hatter is a sure fire star on the rise as she accomplishes all her career goals. One thing she made clear was how much she dreams of performing with Aerosmith and without a doubt, she will achieve that and more.

CROP IMG_0885As the night continued on and the house became packed, Tom Keifer and his band took the stage with massive energy as they played songs like Fallin’ Apart At The Seams, It’s Not Enough, A Different Light, Somebody Save Me, Shake Me, Flower Song and Ask Me Yesterday, the audience was excited and certifiably dedicated to watching and participating in singing along with Keifer as he sang his heart out. There were a few highlights to his set, especially when he mentioned that his wife had to have emergency surgery earlier in the week and so he called her from the stage on his cell phone and asked everyone to say hello and sing along to the next song which was one of Cinderella’s biggest hits, Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone followed by Nobody’s Fool. As the show went on, Keifer and his band exited the stage while the crowd kept cheering as they walked up the side stage stairs. The second highlight of the night was in the encore when Keifer and his band performed with the audience’s help to sing the Beatles classic With A Little Help From My Friends and ended the show with Gypsy Road. Even as the high voltage show came to an end, the Whisky A Go Go remained full of wall to wall fans there in unison for the love of rock n’ roll and Tom Keifer.

One thing that is always true with rock music and rock musicians. They play from the heart, they play for the love of the music and they play real instruments. With timeless rock ballads, bang your head tunes, rock music will always be around. Songs that we loved 30 years ago still bring out that inner rockstar we all hold sacred as well as bring in newer fans. If the world ever really does end….the last thing standing will always be rock n’ roll.

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the show.

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