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Tom Keifer - The Way Life GoesThe Way Life Goes incorporates many instruments which all compliment the varying styles that are showcased.  You will hear some modest brass in places, a little harmonica here and there, a splash of piano and some tasty organ.  All collaborate with various guitars throughout.  What about the Cinderella front man’s voice though?  After the well publicised tales of woe concerning his vocal cord issues and imminent prospect of never singing again, this reviewer can report that Tom Keifer’s voice is better than ever.  The entire range of emotions that are expressed on this album are performed with a sense of composure and ease.

This debut solo album contains ballads in the shape of Thick and Thin and Ask Me Yesterday.  It offers up songs with funky elements in the shape of Ain’t That a Bitch, or the pop sussed A Different Light as well as rocking songs like the dark and jagged Mood Elevator, or the opening song Solid GroundCold Day in Hell could have snuggled in nicely on Heartbreak Station if it used the same production values that were utilised back in 1990.  Production-wise, The Way Life Goes carries a “less is more” quality.  It is gritty and has a rawness that gives the album a personality perhaps unintentionally.

If you can imagine Cinderella putting together a diverse set of songs, and disregarding the production qualities they used on their four studio albums, you can get a good sense of what this solo album is all about.  With the song writing style and the voice that Keifer possesses, it was always going to be tough shaking off those Cinderella comparisons.

So if you’re looking for a good album to spend your money on this month, this would be a strong contender.  Despite weighing in with 14 songs, the variety and the hooks keep the attention.

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