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Tonight Alive - The Other SideWelcome to the Sydney, Australia, based five-piece pop/punk band who have unleashed their second studio album.  It contains 12 tracks which all exhibit a crystal clear, contemporary modern production value and kicks off with The Ocean.  As with their 2011 debut album What Are You so Scared Of?, lead vocalist Jenna McDougall delivers her lyrical observations on emotive experiences and serves them up to the backdrop of constantly twisting and turning musical swirls.

The songs sparkle, sizzle and surf on the waves of the Australian coastline not hanging around longer than they need to.  Don’t Wish, Lonely Girl and Hell and Back are so keen to reach the finish line that you really need to press play on them again and again to digest them sufficiently.  Shining brightly with their pop appeal, they are all endearing and make The Other Side an enjoyable journey.

The title track is a real highlight complete with instant hook, and then there’s The Fire with a similar lyrical outlook as Hell and Back, which addresses thoughts and feelings regarding accepting the past and moving on and looking forward.  Come Home is light and fluffy whilst You Don’t Owe Me Anything offers up a reflective ballad which finishes the album.

If you’re a sensitive soul and soaking up the sun as you contemplate past relationships, then this album would make an ideal companion.  Lyrically it swims in sentimentality and dealing with relationships whilst a couple of songs like The Ocean and Bathwater confront the health issues that plagued McDougall.

Coming across like the poppy sister to The Dollyrots or a distant cousin of Sahara Hotnights in places whilst playing in the back yard with Paramore, they certainly offer up some relief from the more extreme or intense bands out there within the vast universe of rock.  Where some will hear over-diluted songs, others will find modern fresh outbursts with light touches.

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