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October 26, 2012 brought the blasting release of Greetings From Heartbreak Key by Torpedohead.  This is the third studio album for the trio from Hessen, Germany and they’re bringing it to the turntable–  if turntables were still the way music was played these days, as the sound you’ll hear from these guys will definitely take you back.  Torpedohead is a blissful throw-back to musical influences from early years of some of the best bands in rock n roll such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin,  the Rolling Stones, Mötley Crüe, Nirvana and the Wildhearts.

This hard pounding, riff running album features 12 rock anthems that make you want to jump in your car, put it in, turn it on, turn it up and drive it wide open on the Autobahn!  Any hardcore rocker will want to add this to their collection.  Torpedohead is a three-piece fusion of Sven Spacebrain (vocals, guitar), Hardy Wildheart (bass, vocals), and Zasch Zasch (drums).

Gasoline, the first song from the album kick starts your heart with masterful and strong guitars and monster back beat that has you up and moving at the first beat.  Spacebrain’s vocals are a perfect mix with Wildheart as backing vocals on every song.  The band brings one of the most hard-driving rock sounds, twisted with a little punk-pop.   Bleed On Me, Love Is A Dog, Rock N’ Roll Satellite, Heartbreak Key, Moonshine Highway, Burning Bridges, Brave New World, are the fast paced, burning up the sound waves kind of music that just keeps going track after track with a few catchy sing along chorus’.  However, the pure energy from this album will never let you go!   Red City Lights is the only ballad of the album and a wonderfully done with a bit of harmonica added for good measure, but this slight slow-down only pumps the gears back to full force Torpedohead style and finishes with  Black Rain, Lovewreck and lastly  Rotten Radio. 

This album is a bit of dirty grunge with a twist of punk smashed all together with a hard rock mix of the last three decades.  It’s a raunchy party on a disk, a rockin’ gig in your car or a front row seat to a show you have to see again and again!

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