GUNZO feat. Tracii GUNs and Rudy SarZO – Live at The Canyon

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7D__6392GUNZO, is the newest brainchild of Tracii GUNs and Rudy SarZO.  The new band made their debut at 8:55pm on February 27, 2015 at The Canyon in Agoura Hills.  Tracii Guns (guitar), Keith St. John (vocals), Rudy Sarzo (bass) and Shane Fitzgibbons (drums) blasted their way on stage, coming on a little early which took most by surprise. However, as the crowd heard the music, they quickly made their way towards the stage and it was on!

Rip And Tear was high energy.  St. John’s stage experience showed as he played up to his bandmates and the crowd, keeping the energy high and the show interesting.  St. John then interrupted the action and announced “We are here to celebrate some of our favorite music with some of our favorite musicians” and the song went back into full swing. Paying tribute to Randy Rhoads, IMG_6573Ronnie James Dio and Ronnie Montrose made for the theme of the show. Songs like I Don’t Know and  Rainbow In The Dark featured some stellar guitar solos by Guns. The band sounded solid–tight bass and drums and St. John’s voice along with Guns’ sound was like pairing a fine wine with the right entree. Never Enough was no doubt one of the highlights with its catchy chorus and fun, rock vibe. Everyone was dancing by this point, some were on chairs some on tables certainly the reaction the band had hoped for. Rock Candy  brought a sexy, hot vibe to the club and Guns’ guitar solo made even the nonsmoker crave a cigarette after an indulgent dose of six string sex. St. John’s vocals were sticky sweet and flawless, not only in this song but in every song. Guns’ guitar work throughout the night was stellar and he appeared to be having an absolute blast on stage, which makes the audience enjoy the performance that much more.

IMG_6509The only real complaint would be the inconsistencies in sound levels, certainly nothing the band could control. St. John’s microphone level seemed to be set a bit low, causing him to really push his vocals, although he remained in key you have to wonder how much stress that put on his voice.

All in all, this show was a great time and it would be nice to see them play here again in the future. Tracii Guns is a force to be reckoned with. Not only have his guitar solos and his stage presence aged well, but he, himself exerts the energy of a 20 year old when he plays. Thoroughly enjoyed the band and the show!

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