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has been Reborn.  Their new 11 track album, has a massive new sound for the band.  Lead singer/guitarist, Chris Taylor Brown and band mates Robb Torres (lead guitar), Pete Charell (bass) welcomed a new drummer, Dylan Thomas Howard, previously from Unwritten Law.   The group has worked feverishly on new ideas and revelations to bring their fans what they have been waiting for since their last album No Apologies, released in 2010.

Reborn is their fifth studio album and originally planned to be released in late 2012.  However, an announcement from the band in November stated the release was being pushed to January 22, 2013 and will be well worth the wait!  The first single off the album, Bring It, slammed the radio waves in December 2011 and reflects the pure hard driving sound they are famous for.  October 2012 was the release for Love Hate Relationship and to several fan’s excitation had been released to iTunes in double single format alongside Bring It.  The remaining tracks include Experience, Eye of the Storm, Livewire, Going Under, Too Close, Strength in Numbers, Get Out of Your Own Way, When It Rains, and You’re No Angel.  Each song having its own unique difference, yet still proving untried newness was an extraordinary decision made by Brown and the band.

New sounds and techniques are realized on every song. Reborn definitely reflects a deeper and darker side of lyricism.  Heavy intros, riffing guitars with outrageous vocals keeps this album rocking from start to finish with no chance of a fizzle out at the end.  Independently released and produced by Brown himself and co-produced by Matt Thorne, fans will find the album sure to put back on the charts.  Five acoustic songs along with the never before released Avelyn is a fan favorite. Reborn is exactly what has occurred for .  This album is a new baby and ready to rock the cradle!

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