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Trash the Dress - Empty BasementsThis six-piece crew of young and upbeat alternative hail from Indiana, and judging from this debut studio they don’t have any brakes!  Empty Basements is full of nine distorted -based modern songs which twist and turn with loud and brash melodies bouncing around like they’re made of rubber.  track which brings the total to songs is simply a opening musical interlude that builds momentum called Nomad, which finds vocalist Jake warming and complimenting the rest of the band.

My Best Days explodes into life and from this point there’s very little to slow this lot down.  Other highlights include the rampant Make it a Double, the charismatic Awkward Phase and single Gut Check.  Interestingly, if you drop by their ReverbNation profile you can listen to three songs that aren’t included on this full length debut.  This tells us that is certainly prolific in the creative department.

Name checking bands such as Think Big!, The Better Fight, Lost Years, Real Friends, and Machines; and describing their sound as being similar to Four Year Strong, Hit The Lights, Relient K, The Wonder Years and New Found Glory, it becomes plain to see where these guys are coming from.  Perhaps regarding the latter bigger names of the scene, they are a faster and frantic echo, but this is only their debut long player and as such this can be a building block to something even better.

The only issue that can be instantly identified with regards to Empty Basements is that it all sounds too similar, and their area of passionate expression is positively bursting at the seams with competition!  They need a couple of truly special songs to assist them to make that break from the pack, they’ll be drowned in the many other eager and energetic bands with a similar penchant for three-minute, noisy and -fueled no-nonsense audio outbursts.

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