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On Friday, November 11th, the Trinity of Terror Tour took over the Alliant Energy Powerhouse in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The triple-headliner metalcore tour has been giving equal billing to Black Veil Brides, Ice Nine Kills and Motionless In White, with additional special guest openers on different legs of the tour. Despite a very sudden temperature shift sending Iowa from 70 degree weather to 30 degrees overnight, the fans piled in full of energy and ready to rock.

The evening began with special guests Atreyu and the superb vocal harmonies of Strange Powers of Prophecy/Baptize. From that point on, they proceeded to fully hype up the crowd for the madness that was about to ensue, encouraging crowd surfing and a circle pit. The fans were happy to oblige. Atreyu pulled from their expansive discography, encompassing over 20 years of tracks such as Becoming The Bull and Right Side Of The Bed. Vocalist Brandon Saller made his way through the crowd during The Time Is Now, and when noticing young children on their parents shoulders, told them to remember when they become teenagers that their parents do not suck. After recent hit Warrior, Saller fooled the crowd into believing they were about to cover Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody, before closing out the set with Blow.

Ice Nine Kills

Throughout the legs of this tour, the three headliners have been alternating the line-up and next up on this particular date was Ice Nine Kills. The band put on a full-on theatrical performance, complete with props, slight costume changes, videos on the screen and rolling fog. Vocalist Spencer Charnas embodied the characters from everyone’s favorite horror films, such as Pet Sematary (Funeral Derangements), American Psycho (Hip To Be Scared), and Psycho (The Shower Scene). Crew members joined the on-stage production as actors as well, complete with heads & limbs being chopped off by Charnas. The flow of the set was more like a Broadway production or a film soundtrack, with very little banter as the band expertly transitioned from scene to scene. The final song of the set was American Nightmare leaving the crowd primed and ready for the next performance of the evening.

Motionless In White

Following a brief stage turn-over, the big screen announced, “Motionless In White is coming online. Initiate bangover sequence.” Although it’s hard to say for sure, it seemed like this was the band that the majority of the crowd was most excited for. The stage theatrics continued with two female performers appearing on stage at different points of the set, sometimes on stilts and throwing candy to the crowd, at other times with metal grinders against their bodies throwing sparks across the stage. Vocalist Chris Motionless worked his away around the stage constantly while performing fan favorites such as Slaughterhouse, Werewolf and Cyberhex. The lighters and cell phones illuminated the venue for Another Life, which was then followed by a high-energy cover of The Killers’ Somebody Told Me. The final song of the set was Eternally Yours and the band left the stage throwing out red roses to the excited crowd.

Black Veil Brides

After a slightly longer break, the final band of the evening, Black Veil Brides, took the stage, performing songs spanning all the way from their debut album, We Stitch These Wounds to the brand new track, Devil. Two notable highlights from the set: guitarist and Iowa native Jinxx on the violin for Overture/Shadows Die and the band inviting a fan named Cassidy on stage to perform their song Lost It All on her flute. You can check her out on YouTube as well. Unfortunately, it seems necessary to mention that something about the mix was just not quite right during this performance. The sound was very drum-heavy, at times drowning out the vocals as well as the dual guitar sound that the band is known for. Also, after a long, action-packed evening, the crowd appeared to be getting a bit tired and slowly started making their way out of the auditorium as the set continued. However, there was still a large group of fans who persevered all the way to final notes of Fallen Angels and In The End.

Overall, the night was full of energy and exciting visual stimulation. Check out the remaining dates and see if they are coming near you. You won’t regret it!

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