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Longevity can be an elusive attribute but not for vocalist, Pete Loran, guitarist Steve Brown, bassist P.J. Farley and drummer Gus Scott; better known as Trixter.  After a 12-year hiatus, Trixter has resurrected with their newest release, New Audio Machine.  Recent years have produced a live album and a “greatest hits”, but this is the first appearance of any new material since 1992.  Trixter has found their place in the new rock scene with their signature 80’s influenced sound and it may be their ticket back to relevance.

It’s nice to see Trixter return to recording new material after such a long stretch.  New Audio Machine is the perfect blend of the old and the new; a real feel-good vibe the band is known for, providing a worthy effort to reconnect fans with a long lost often forgotten, solid rock and roll band.

The first single off the album; Tattoos and Misery, is a catchy song but its lyrics are reminiscent of the typical hair band era song about getting loaded and the girl who’s no good for you. The opening song, Drag Me Down, starts off slowly but once the guitar riffs break out, it brings the song around. You may even find yourself moving your head back and forth a bit.  Dirty Love reminds you what sleaze rock was all about.  It has a great groove and that 80s sound without being too cliché.  Walk With a Stranger has a similar feel to Poison’s Fallen Angel.  The song straddles the line between rock and ballad, and has a dirty vibe.   Save Your Soul has a strong opening guitar riff but the disappointment comes when they abandon the riff during the verses, making you want to scream “don’t stop.”  The guitar tone has less of an 80’s sound and more of a crunchy, deeper reverberation common among newer bands like Seether and Nickelback.  Save Your Soul may appeal more to a wider (particularly a younger) audience than other songs on this album.

There might be a few misses on New Audio Machine but for the most part, this is a feel good album over all and a welcoming treat for Trixter fans because in the end, it’s all about light-hearted 80’s influenced rock n’ roll.

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