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Unparalleled Height - Rise of the VoicelessThe universe of rock music is so vast that it’s difficult to know where to look in order to find your next favorite band.  This independently driven quintet that comes from the outskirts of Pittsburgh wish to be heard amongst the plethora of various noises being made on this fair globe.  This is their debut full length album and is a call for revolution.  Is this the time for a rise of the voiceless?

Highlighting influences that range from bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium and Dream Theater amongst many others, it becomes apparent that this debut album showcases more textures than you’d be expecting to find.  It would be fair to say that generally expectations can be low for an independent release, but this proved to be pleasant surprise.  Memories Remain, Never Far Away and Heroes Prevail showcase qualities and strengths on which the band may build in the future.  The latter provides the complex progressive epic nature of what they can achieve, whilst the previous examples share their edgier and melancholy sides.

If any criticism could be aimed at Rise of the Voiceless, it’s that the whole listening experience is perhaps a little overwhelming.  If the songs were shortened and more direct, then with the sincere lead vocals of Dave Kelly gliding over the material they may well be a potent proposition.  Competent musicianship and the overall delivery make this band one to watch and there is no doubt regarding the chemistry.

There is fragility to Kelly’s vocal presence which is refreshing when you hear Spare This Soul and Breaking Through, which separates from the rest of the pack.  Their progressive nature mixes well with the shorter tracks like Dethroned and Steadfast Spirit which both carry a prominent angst.

This is certainly a rise of the voiceless, but not perhaps the significant rise the band would have hoped for.  Keep an eye out for these guys though; they’re going to go from strength to strength.

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