VENREZ Live Review at The House of Blues in Las Vegas

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An eager crowd awaits in The House of Blues in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay.  As Venrez takes the stage,  the crowd reverberates with enthusiasm, excitement and anticipation.

DSC_2866nVenrez, from Los Angeles, California hosts a vast wealth of talent from Steven (Ven) Berez/vocals, Jason Womack/guitar, Alex Kane/guitar, Michael Bradford/bass and Ed Davis/drums.  The band joined Slash for the last three shows of his Apocalyptic Love Tour, beginning in St. Louis, Missouri then rocking over to Park City, Utah, and finishing in fabulous Las Vegas, baby!

Davis and Womack originally played with Juliette Lewis and the Licks, and Kane played as guitarist for LSD (Life Sex and Death) and Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg.  Bradford was a childhood friend of Womack’s, and as such was welcomed to the group.

This group’s chemistry brings a sound to album and stage with the essence of “classic rock of the 1970’s meets the grunge movement of the 1990’s.”  Berez and Womack have teamed up as a perfect match of songwriter and lyricist.  With Womack’s music paired with Berez’s lyrics, be it on the album or live, Venrez has woven a story to tell with each and every one.

DSC_2922nThe lights go down and in the dark, a guitar chord breaks the silence as Silver and Gold starts the set list, and the show is on.  The unmistakable vocals of Berez combined with the chilling sounds from Womack and Kane, the deep bass from Bradford and well crafted drumming from Davis are an amazing beginning for the night.  While only performing a seven song set list, Silver and Gold is the perfect prelude.

Yesterday Has Gone and Free Will  are the next tunes to follow.  Kane entertains the audience with sheer madness at times with his maniacal expressions and extreme guitar skills.  Sell The Lie is the title track from their album released in 2012.  At this point, the crowd is definitely into the music, and diehard Venrez fans are singing along to every word.  Sanctity and Karma are next, and the stage is taken over as The House of Blues in conquered by a group of musicians whose power is unstoppable.  Raw energy and emotion, intensity, honest vocals and lyrics–everyone was into the music, and moving with excitement built around the performance.  The band is tight and is reflected in the band members response from the crowd.  The mutual enjoyment by band and audience feeds the fire of the show, and has each wanting more.


Unforeseen is the latest album release, and the last song of the night.  The deep vocals of Berez again is haunting and deep,  yet fresh and lyrical.  The sound emerging from the stage has some razor-sharp riffs along with a bluesy soulful grunge attack with the ability to make hairs stand on end and a tingle down the spine.  This band took the audience by the soul and shook them.  Venrez has a presence to none on the stage, and what better presence to start a night of rock than with Venrez.

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