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Vestibule - Through The SurfaceWhat do you make of a band who, on their website, writes about their style:  “We are influenced by a wide range of music including (but not limited to) punk, jazz, metal, Latin, classical and electronica.”  A pretty eclectic, ambitious, and adventurous mix indeed.  Listening to the songs on ’s album Through The Surface, however, brings to mind labels such as “alternative rock” and “indie music.”  That may not be consistent with the band’s self-description, but it’s actually not a bad thing if it’s done as well as does it.  For example, take one of the strongest songs on the album —  Clouds Reflected; this is a heavy tune driven by the swirling, chorus-effect guitars of lead guitarist Adam DeRose and vocalist/guitarist Hector Gundlach, equally matched by Gundlach’s impassioned singing.

Sweet Surrender and The Longing are two more songs that showcase ’s particular brand of complex, hard-alternative style music that brings to mind bands such as Incubus and Stabbing Westward.  It may be alternative, but simple three-chord rock this ain’t.  Gundlach, DeRose, as well as bass player Cody McCorry and drummer Greg Harvilla are skilled musicians who weave intricate chord structures and arrangements to create a sound painting, if you will.  Similar to a viewer studying a painting in a gallery and finding something previously unseen, the listener will find that the songs on Through The Surface grow and evolve each time they are heard.

It is always a challenge for a young band to be seen and heard, particularly when their style of music is outside of the mainstream.  Vestibule is taking a bold step by offering a free download of Through The Surface via their website.  The musicians are talented, the songs are good, the marketing idea aggressive. Anyone who has even a passing interest in this style of music owes themselves to give this album a listen.

Click here to purchase Through The Surface.

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