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BVB - Alive and BurningAlive and Burning  Is the first ever live concert video from . The concert recording will be released on July 10th and be available in Blu-Ray/DVD/iTunes formats. The live performance was filmed on the “Black Mass” tour at the sold-out Wiltern Theater  in Los Angeles, California.

With five previous releases (including the EP) it’s hard to compile a set list that will satisfy all fans but BVB put together seventeen that are sure excite the most avid fan. The band hits the stage to smoke and pyrotechnics playing the aptly named Heart of Fire.  The band sounds crisp and clean throughout the concert. The fans are engaged and BVB seems to really enjoy being on stage.  They encourage the crowd to get involved and singer Andy Biersack thanks the crowd several times during the performance for being so supportive.

If you’re looking for something you’ve never seen before this is a pretty standard live concert, but the show is a smooth and steady performance. BVB does not include a bunch of individual solos, but there is a short solo by drummer Christian Coma that rolls right into The Legacy.  I love this. I’ve always found solos to be a waste of time– time the band could be playing more songs.  BVB gives you more songs and less filler. For me though the highlight might have been guitarist Jinxx playing the electric violin during Shadows Die. It made the song and tied together a solid show.

This video is for the true Black Veil Bride fan. If it were me, I’d say save your twenty bucks and go see the band live. There is nothing like the energy you get from actually being at the show. If I talked to my friends about BVB, it won’t be about this video. It will be about seeing them live on Halloween night in 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. I can say “I was there; they were badass.”

Despite my feelings about seeing a band live versus watching a live video, I watched again with my sixteen year old son. I introduced him to BVB four years ago and he instantly fell in love with the music. During the concert I watched him. He was singing along, tapping his toe, and playing a little air guitar from time to time. At the end I asked him what he thought of the video. He just said, “That was awesome.” So, there you have it…..awesome!

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