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the-vintage-caravan_voyage-nbYou may have browsed a recent issue of Screamer Magazine and stumbled across an article about three young Icelandic individuals who found a sound that they adored.  Their influences ranged from a group of bands and artists that roamed around and performed before they were even a hormonal attraction in their respective parent’s biological make-up!  So what if that is the case; just take a listen to this audio monster for proof that they are flying the flag for powerful psychedelic themed rock music!

The power within their music can be experienced when you crank up the instrumental section on Let Me Be, or prepare yourself for the subtle-as-a-sledgehammer opening few bars of Craving.  Another side of their power can be felt from the overblown and epic The King’s Voyage which expands your mind.  Talking of expanding such a part of your anatomy, check out the video for the first single Expand Your Mind, which should inform you about this special three-piece.

If the idea of a cool groovy riff gives you a shiver down your spine and sends your head in an excited spin, then let those ears tackle such tasty morsels as Midnight Meditation or Do You Remember.  The former of these two nuggets sway to the melodies of a hook-laden chorus and commercial appeal, while the latter mixes up the groove with laid back moments of tranquility beside the marvelous Icelandic geysers.

It is easy to forget that the three individuals that make up The Vintage Caravan were no older than 20 years of age when Voyage was conceived.  As they tackle songs like Winterland that mixes up their obvious psychedelic leanings with their natural ability to bring out a guitar riff that dances to the heartbeat of multi-colored mushroom-loving fairies, you may not be able to remove this album from your record player of choice.  Voyage is very highly recommended and should come with a notice that informs the listener that it is infectious–in the best possible way.



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