VOLBEAT LIVE – House of Blues Mandalay Bay, March 13th, Las Vegas NV

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The lights began to dim and the members of Volbeat were only moments away from taking the stage.  As the mellow blue lights washed over the audience, a Spanish guitar melody slowly picked up over the speakers.  This guitar was a horse running to the stage and it was filling the eager crowd with excitement!  The night had only just begun.

IMG_1646It was a warm Thursday night in Las Vegas, NV when what appeared to look like a tattooed Johnny Cash dressed fully in black along with three band members, walked out on stage.  Starting at 8:30 pm and going to just over 10 pm; Volbeat was relentless.  If singer Michael Poulsen yelled, “Hey!” into the crowd, he was guaranteed to hear the hundreds of voices screaming “Hey!” right back at him.  He tested this theory many times and was not disappointed.  Poulsen made sure to cover the entire stage giving love to each side and everyone in between; something that can be unmatched by most bands today.

IMG_8823In an interesting turn of events, Volbeat had a new lead guitarist joining them on stage in Las Vegas Thursday night.  American rocker and former Anthrax guitarist, Rob Caggiano rocked the stage as if he had been a member since the beginning.  Drummer Jon Larsen and bassist Anders Kjolhom were also in attendance that evening and the crowd was mesmerized by them. It was just shy of ten o’clock when the band took an abrupt stop and walked off stage saying goodnight.  The crowd was shocked but there were a few that knew this had to be some sort of teasing.  Slowly but surely the audience began chanting “Volbeat, Volbeat, Volbeat…” until the band slowly returned to play a Johnny Cash cover.  This party was far from over as the band gave the audience an unbelievable two more songs, going past their set time of ten o’clock.

IMG_9003Volbeat took over the Las Vegas House of Blues in a unique way that night.  The colorful audience filled with all ages had great interest in the many genres Volbeat had to offer that evening.  The crowd was a sight to see all in itself as people from all walks of life made it out to see this band and it was extraordinary.  Volbeat made sure not to disappoint covering everything from the Misfits, Judas Priest, Elvis, Slayer and of course Johnny Cash; the crowd just couldn’t seem to get enough.

Volbeat has come a long way since their early beginnings in 2001.  They are a remarkable band that has been able to defy the rules of genres. Volbeat can take any form of music and make it their own and some how are able to mix quite a few genres together all at once. With Poulsen’s unmistakable voice they are able to take their covers and turn them into Volbeat originals.  Their fifth studio album Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies is set for release all over the world April 9th. This album is more than just highly anticipated; having contributors from bands such as King Diamond and Paul Lamb, just to name a few, it will not go by unnoticed.  Volbeat is legendary and unmistakable tearing it up venue after venue; be sure to catch them as their tour continues across the country.

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